Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just a Little Email

I've done too much online shopping in my computer life, and it shows in the sheer numbers of ads for sales and such that my inbox receives. One day I'll go through them and un-subscribe to the ones that I do not need, i.e., about 90%. It will undoubtedly make my life a little less cluttered.
For today, though, there was one email that I was REALLY excited about...

Hi aunty Kendle it's me Justin. Thank you for the presents. I really liked them. Espicially the science expirement book. I like to watch the life with Derek. School has ben grest because I made lots of friends. Baseball seasons is coming up, I'm gonna be on a team. I'm not sure witch team I'm on. I hope i'm on my friend Austins team.
Will right back. LOVE JUSTIN

Justin is my nephew, my godchild. He's 11. He loves sports, but he's also a very good writer. I think about him every day. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to get an email from him. I'd love for him to come to Seattle.

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